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Part III

(Video) Two Worlds: “Dreamer” Lena Martinez Worries About Deportation

This is the third installment of an ongoing series about DACA recipients in Appalachia. Click to read the introduction, part one, and part two of this story.

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The Martinez family is well known in their town of Hickory, North Carolina. That tight-knit community contributed to making a $10,000 quinceañera for daughter Lina Martinez. Her older sister, Lena, is a DACA recipient set to graduate college this spring. Whatever Congress decides by March 5, the deadline President Trump handed down with his decision to end DACA, will not just affect 800,000-plus young people, most of whom have grown up in the U.S.; it will also change life for millions of U.S. citizens like the Martinez family.

Video produced by David Smith. Script by David Smith, April Johnston-Smith and Tim Pratt. Additional video by Jesse Pratt-Lopez

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